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Our Programs are designed to support our members at every stage of life: Mind & Body Wellness, Life saving swim lessons, Chronic disease prevention, Youth development programs, Special needs programs, Senior programing, Recovery and much more! The Westport Weston Family YMCA enriches the community by developing and nurturing the potential of every individual, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Click here to learn more about the project and to watch the Capital Campaign video

  • The volunteers and staff have determined that the Westport Weston Family YMCA must evolve to address the needs of our membership.
  • YMCA Camp Mahackeno has not been renovated in 64 years.
  • The YMCA Gymnastics program is located in Norwalk.
  • Insufficient spaces for our wellness center and programs.
  • A dedicated space is needed for our growing after-school program that more families relying on.
  • Complete renovation of YMCA Camp Mahackeno including a new pool to accommodate 360 campers and provide them lifesaving swim lessons, pool house with bathrooms/changing area, additional pavilions for rainy days and much more.
  • Bring the YMCA Gymnastic program home to the Bedford Family Center to allow all of our members the opportunity to participate.
  • Increase the square footage of our wellness center to accommodate all our members, add an additional studio, dedicated dance studio, and introduce a functional fitness space that will assist members in reaching their fitness goals.
  • Provide a dedicated space for the after-school program.
  • Kristin R. McKinney, Co-Chair
  • John McKinney, Co-Chair
  • Iain Bruce
  • John Crowe
  • Tracy K. Fincher
  • Samuel Gault
  • John Greenspan
  • Rosemary Halstead
  • Steve Halstead
  • Jimmy Izzo
  • Paul Keblish
  • Jonathan Manela
  • Philip Schemel
  • Pete Wolgast
  • Jonathan Manela, President
  • Kristin McKinney, 1st Vice President
  • Juliane Sunderland, 2nd Vice President
  • Dan McHugh, Treasurer
  • Libby McKinney Tritschler, Secretary
  • Ngassam Ngnoumen, Member at Large
  • Sarah Allen
  • John Crowe
  • Alec Foege
  • John Greenspan
  • Kathryn E. Gussen
  • Robert Haroun
  • Richard E. Hyman
  • Johanna Kiev
  • Dana McCreesh
  • Andy McNab
  • Christina Scherwin
  • T. George Vatis
  • Cathy Walker
  • Barbara Wiederecht
  • John McKinney, Chairperson
  • Douglas Fincher, Vice- Chairman
  • James Westphal, Treasurer
  • Kimberly J.Lake, Secretary
  • Marx G. Bowens
  • Robert G. Bowman
  • Iain Bruce
  • Samuel Gault
  • Rosemary Halstead
  • Paul Keblish
  • Peter Nussbaum
  • Johanna Rossi
  • Philip Schemel
  • Bonnie Strittmatter
  • Pete Walgast
  • Jeffrey N. Wieser
  • Leslie L. Wolf
  • Rob and Jen Bowman
  • Linda and Iain Bruce
  • Brian Carey
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Crowe
  • Doug & Tracy Fincher
  • Marie Galvao
  • The Gault Family
  • Roberta and Eric Grossberg
  • Dr. David and Dr. Jennifer Gruen
  • Richard Hyman
  • Kimberly J. Lake
  • Christine Maloney & Family
  • Elizabeth and Joseph Massoud Family Foundation
  • Mike and Dana¬† McCreesh
  • Dan and Marie McHugh
  • The McKinnis Family
  • The Stewart McKinney Foundation
  • Ngassam Ngnoumen
  • Point 72, L.P.
  • Pat Riemersma
  • Nancy Saipe and William Humphrey
  • Phillip Schemel and C.Gibson Halloran
  • Christina Scherwin
  • The Sklar Family
  • State Street Foundation
  • The Strittmatter Family
  • Michael and Laura Taets
  • Robin Tauck
  • Cathy and Colin Walker
  • James Westphal
  • The Wiederecht Family
  • Mr. T. George Vatis
  • Pete Wolgast

Contact us for more information

To learn more about the Project or ways to contribute to the Generation Starts Here capital campaign contact Danielle LeBrando or Pat Riemersma

Westport Weston Family YMCA
14 Allen Raymond Ln, Westport
Connecticut, CT 06880

Danielle LeBrando
Chief Development Officer

(203) 226-8984

Westport Weston Family YMCA
14 Allen Raymond Ln, Westport
Connecticut, CT 06880

Pat Riemersma
Chief Executive Officer

(203) 226-8985